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Making Life Easier for          HR Professionals and Employers

Medicare Resource Team

Medicare has complicated rules and regulations so it makes sense to have a trusted resource to answer your questions and provide guidance. We are available as your experienced  and fully compliant Medicare Resource Team.

We offer our services at no cost to you or your employees and retirees.


We provide a full range of services to educate and guide employees so they can easily transition to Medicare at age 65 or later upon retirement.


We are independent and unbiased Medicare Licensed Agents who have been offering Medicare classes, seminars and insurance products in Colorado for over 18 years.

Retiree Plans

We offer Medicare Supplement Plans to employer groups with 10 or more eligible retirees/spouses. These plans provide flexible contribution levels, stable rates and administrative ease.

Please contact us to ask for our advice or guidance, to schedule a seminar or to inquire about our retiree plans.

Educational Seminars       and Webinars for Active Employees

Our educational program is a valuable service to employees who are (or have loved ones) approaching retirement.

Our free informational on-site seminar provides a relaxed environment in which we offer clear information, answer questions and ease the concerns and confusion that are usually directed to the Human Resource Department.

We cover the basics of Medicare Parts A, B, C, D, and Medigap plans, what’s covered and not covered, and the costs, plus:

  • Clarify the facts and dispel some myths about penalties for delaying enrollment in Parts A and B.

  • Discuss why to enroll or delay enrolling in Medicare Part B if continuing to work after 65.

  • Describe how group health plans and Medicare coordinate benefits.

  • Explain the rules about Medicare and H.S.A. contributions.

  • Advise how to transition smoothly from a group health plan to Medicare and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Define Open Enrollment Period, Special Enrollment Periods with Guaranteed Issue, Annual Election Period, and Late Enrollment Penalties

  • Answer questions.

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Personalized Retirement Healthcare Planning

Once employees turn 64, they’re bombarded with calls and direct mail from insurance agents and companies. Not only is this stressful, it’s also confusing.

Employees who are planning to work beyond 65 appreciate having an independent and unbiased advisor with whom to discuss various Medicare options with respect to their unique situation, healthcare needs, providers, prescriptions, lifestyle, and budget.

When they’re preparing to retire, we’re there to help them transition to Medicare, choose the Medicare supplemental coverage that suits their needs, assist with completing the enrollment paperwork, and follow up until everything is in place including ID cards.

Included with our customer service is a plan review during the Annual Election Period.