Roadmap for Employees

Our educational program is a valuable service to employees who are (or have loved ones) approaching retirement.

Always consult with your HR Department/Benefits Administrator before making any changes to your health coverage.

A) Attend a Medicare 101 seminar/webinar or private consultation

Whether you intend to transition to Medicare at age 65 or keep your employer group health plan until you retire, it's very helpful to know the essential facts, important timelines, and common mistakes to avoid when making first-time decisions about Medicare.

Check with your HR Department about scheduling a group educational seminar at your place of work or contact us to set up a one-on-one private consultation.

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C) Compare your group health plan with Medicare coverage

You might have lower premiums and out of pocket expenses on Medicare so it makes sense to compare.

By understanding your choices, you (and your spouse) can avoid paying more than you need to, and get the best coverage for your needs.

We will not only compare deductibles, co-payments, coinsurance and the annual out-of-pocket limits, we will also pay close attention to the differences in drug coverage, the networks of providers, and your specific healthcare needs, lifestyle and budget.

B) Determine Medicare's suitability for your situation

We will help you determine whether Medicare coverage is suitable for your unique situation. For instance, staying on your group health plan might be the better choice if you have a younger spouse enrolled in the plan, or you want to continue contributing to an HSA (not permitted once you enroll in Medicare).

D) Develop an Action Plan to enroll in Medicare at age 65 or when you retire

We will create an Action Plan to prepare you to enroll in the various parts of Medicare in a timely manner. For example,

  • When and how to sign up for Medicare Parts A/B

  • When to stop contributing to an HSA account

  • What to do when offered COBRA if over age 65

  • When to apply for Medicare supplemental plans


You will appreciate the clarity and confidence having an Action Plan provides.